Misery - Stephen King

I looked and looked for a group read that actually had a book I owned on it. Didn't come up with much, since like I've stated before, I'm working on mostly older book. Very rarely do I buy new releases....although they tease me from their shelves every time I'm at Target.


But I found a group doing a Spooky Reads list for October and they had a lot of Stephen King on it. And I'm all like "Hey! I have some Stephen King books!" So I'm going to read Misery as my October Wimpy Challenge entry. It's as close to a group read as I can come. I might be social here with you guys, but I'm not "group read" or "buddy read" social. I actually suffer from paralyzing social anxiety and it even hampers my online activity.


I'm a dork. With issues. I know.


Anyway, so that's that! Yay!