Butterfly Swords (Harlequin Historical) - Jeannie Lin

I don't read a lot of romance/erotica because they tend to be so unbelievable in their plots that I end up laughing at the absurdity. Well, this one was no different. In 8th century China, a woman with sword abilities would have been frowned upon. But it could have been cool, like Mulan. Instead we get a woman with very out-of-character behavior. Everyone in the entire country hates white people, but Ai Li, our brave female lead, doesn't fear him in the slightest. With barely knowing him 24 hours, she grinds on him and lets him take off her top and feel on her. I can't believe a noblewoman of any breeding from that era would even fathom such behavior, especially when she's in such a hurry to save her father and running from her would-be husband.


Another bust. I guess I'll just start Game of Thrones and be done with it.