Have A Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks - 'Mick Foley',  'Mankind',  'WWF'


I got this book for my 15th birthday, 15 years ago. My mother pre-ordered it for me, and I can honestly say it's one of the only birthdays she really got right. I started reading it November of 99, but I was a freshman in high school. And life just got in the way, so this was shelved and eventually boxed up and forgotten about. I dragged it back out last year with the determination to finish it. And I did!



Mick Foley is a true inspiration to me, not because he takes chairs to the head for a living. But because he followed his dreams despite everyone telling him he wasn't "star material". This book was long and heavily detailed, but it was great. There was so much humor to his take on his life. He isn't fake about himself at all. He knows he's a fat guy that's missing teeth and a slight limp, and he's damn proud of it all. I loved learning about his early years before I was exposed to his Mankind ways. I found his days in Japan frightening but admirable. His relationship with Terry Funk was amazing and heartwarming, despite the fact they have tried to blow each other up (no joke). I laughed all the way through this book, except when we reached Owen Hart. That part made me horribly sad. I was watching that Pay-Per-View. I saw him die on TV, and I haven't ever been the same. It's a dark memory in the history of the sport. I will always love Owen, and I miss him and his yellow tights.


The only thing I found crazy was Vince McMahon! I was always under the impression he was a rich asshole that walked all over everyone. But after reading this, I realize I only felt that way because I was going by his TV persona and what Brett Hart always said in WCW interviews. So apparently my view was marred. He's actually a genius and a pretty decent, nice guy. He was always there for Mick, listened to his opinions and was forever concerned with the Hardcore Legend's antics. I guess I owe Vince an apology, huh? Hey, asshole, I'm sorry. lol


Anyway, I'm sorry I didn't finish this one sooner. It was a great, fun ride. And to learn Mick and Steve Austin (my WWF heartthrobe) were buddies was so funny to think about. Beer-swilling Texan and homebody father of 2.


Read this! It's great! Gory. But great! The writing is wonderful because Mick IS a college-educated man. There were type-o's, so whoever edited this needs to serioulsy reconsider his work. But the content was what counts to me, and it was even better than I hoped.