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Review: What Did I Just Read?

Uglies - Scott Westerfeld

I feel like my IQ just dropped several points. Why did people rave about this series? The entire premise was dumb. To control people, why wait until they're 16? Why not just do it from birth and save yourself some trouble?


Not to mention Tally is a brat to the nth degree. I couldn't stand her the entire book. Everything she did was a lie, not to mention she was so self-centered you couldn't connect with her. It's really hard to feel for a character who planned on stabbing all her friends in the back just so she could be "pretty".


And what is up with everything sounding like it was named by a 5-year-old? Crumblyville for old pretties? Uglyville? The Rusty Ruins? New Pretty Town? Dafuq? This is an "advanced" civilization, but everything is named like my son made it all up.


Will not be finishing this series. It isn't worth my time.