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Dear Fellow Authors:

Stop being two faced! Stop messaging people to have them remove rating you don't like! And, for the love of GOD, stop posting your two-faced shit on TWITTER! We're not stupid! We will find out you're an asshole. And we reviewers are a very tight-knit community. You are basically shooting yourself in the effing foot! I know 3 top-rated reviewers pretty well and one bad word from them and your career is over!


(That's why I am nice. :) I value my career and I'm smart enough to know not to blast my shit all over the place, angering the reviewer Gods.)


I'm speaking of one author in particular right now, but there are others. Like I've said before, the digital age has made assholes even bolder. Well, be bold all you want, jerkoff. I'm watching your rating plummet.