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Review: Slagging On

Fang  - James Patterson

These books should have ended long ago, just like the House of Night series. They're getting worse with every chapter. The more I read of Max, the less I like her. I adore Fang, hate Angel and her manipulative ways, and am kinda undecided on the others. Iggy has a nasty attitude, Nudge is kinda nice and Gazzy is just gross.


And this book really resolved nothing. Again, we have Evil Angel rearing her head and nothing is solved. She gets away with almost killing her entire flock in her plan to gain control of them, and she doesn't even say sorry. When it's obvious she's been played (again) and she's exposed for the little idiot she is, she's just let back into the flock.


I'm getting a headache over this, but, like I said earlier, I feel compelled to find out how this ends. This series should had just stayed with the original trilogy. It wrapped it all up nicely. Nope. Must milk this cash cow for all it's worth.