Losing It - Cora Carmack

I'm creating a new term: FTB.


My mother used to say "fuck this noise". Well, fuck this book!



I am about to rant and rave about morality, so brace yourselves.


I was raised in the Bible Belt. Sex wasn't really talked about, and when it was, you were told to abstain or wait until marriage. Of course, most didn't. I went to high school with a few teen moms. But still, where I'm from, we tended to have a modest, conservative outlook on sex.


The very first page of this fucking book made me want to hurl my nice, shiny new Kindle against the wall. Apparently, being a 22 year-old virgin to this MC was like having a third arm. And when she tells her friend, what does her bestie do? Flip the fuck out and tell her to get laid now! Go to a bar, find a stranger, and have a one night stand.




Oh, her friend Kelsey is a doozy of a friend. Dress your buddy in slutty clothes, turn her loose while she's drunk and try to get her to nail any man in sight. What kind of friend is this effing woman?! Wouldn't a real friend tell her it's not a bad thing to be a virgin? That you'll eventually find the right guy/girl and you'll know it's the right time? NO! You need to get this "third arm" removed ASAP!



Of course our dear dumbass MC thinks being a virgin is some sort of chain around her ankles, making her so terrified of sex. What an idiot. She keeps implying that once she's not a virgin, she'll be a lot calmer about sex. Let me make something clear: losing your virginity doesn't suddenly give you a spine. It doesn't suddenly make you unafraid of intimacy. It sure as Hell doesn't change you into something amazing and sexy. It just means you're not a virgin anymore! Nothing else!


Besides, what is WRONG with being a virgin? If you want to keep it and you're not ready, then keep it! Don't force yourself to do something you're clearly not ready for! Just because your "friend" is being a slutty bitch about it. (Not slut shaming intended.) I was 19 and engaged to be married to my now husband. I think you should be comfortable with your choices and not let your effing peers determine what you do!


I couldn't handle this shit. I couldn't. It went against all of my moral instincts. My former Sunday School teacher parents would have kittens if they read this.


Don't even get me started on the Gary Stu love interest.

Sexy- check

Rides a motorcycle-check

Muscular- check

British- check

Quotes Shakespeare- double check




DNF at 43%. I refuse to do this to myself. I don't give a damn how this shit ends. With as spastic as the MC is, I doubt she'll ever lose it. She acts like a 14-year-old girl when faced with real sex, screaming, running, lying and panicking. WTF....How do women like this mess?!