Infinite Days (Vampire Queen, #1) - Rebecca Maizel

This book was nothing new. I was so excited to read about a vampire turning human, but it ended up just being the same old story. Lenah is your typical Bella Swan, totally self-absorbed and doesn't seem to realize her best guy friend is in love with her. She leads him on constantly, all the while making out with another guy. She treats her best friend like dirt, has gaggles of people following her since she's, ya know, hot and dating a jock. *headdesk* The jock, Justin, is one of those guys that is spineless in the face of an angry girlfriend. He lets his girlfriend call Lenah a slut and then agrees she's a whore just to make the skinny bitch be quiet.


The plot is like this:

It. Just. Drags.


And you already know what's going to happen well before it comes up. The only thing I can say is the "special powers" at the end are a big WTF to me. Like the author needed a good way to really wow the audience. But it just left me saying "Um...I don't think so."


And we get beautiful quotes like this:

"...her eyebrows narrowed..."


What amazing writing skills. I never knew eyebrows could do that.


I didn't think I'd be able to finish this because it was so boring. A hot girl who doesn't think she's hot anymore (since she thinks she can't be hot without being a vampire) meets a nice guy who oggles her like a lovestruck puppy. But hot girl wants jock, since hot girls should only date jocks, not artsy nerdy guys like her nice guy bestie. And jock falls madly in love with hot girl. Stupidity ensues, people die, and nobody seems to be terribly frightened that Lenah was a vampire that murdered thousands.


I have one question about the entire plot of this. Lenah is having hide from her coven, so her maker sends her to a private school. But nobody thinks to change her name! She's still going by her old name. If you're that worried about hiding, don't you need to change your name, appearance, something?



Anyway, how dull. It tries hard to make you want to like Lenah, but she's really just the same old story. Won't bother with the rest of this series.