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Review: Better Than Expected

Tight Knit - Allie Brennan

While all the reviews I read were mixed, but mostly mediocre, I had to read this. It's about knitting. I love knitting. Etsy helps me give my son such awesome Christmases. Plus I manage my staggering anxiety by yarn arts. I'm such a little old lady, I swear.


But this book had me. Talia has panic attacks like crazy. I have them on occasion, too. Lachlan comes from a terrible home where his dad abused him and burned him. Let's just say my life wasn't that bad but it was abusive at points. So both main characters have me hooked.


The plot was interesting, since when I downloaded it I thought it was an adult romance. Finding out the characters were in high school was a surprise. But regardless, I was entranced. I wish I had a wool shop like this town has. I would never leave. And Talia's home life resembled my own, with distant parents that just don't get it. Lachlan was so cool in a dick kind of way, but you can really feel for him. He's pretty easy to see through. The fact he and Talia fit so well together was amazing. They were good for one another, even though Lannie was a bad influence sometimes.


I would have given this read 5 stars but there were a lot of type-o's from the middle on. So that detracts from the overall rating. It's hard to truly love a story when it's missing adverbs and pronouns and such.


But overall, a great read. Especially for a freebie. (Those are so hit or miss.)