Stories I Only Tell My Friends: An Autobiography - Rob Lowe

My husband (Bryan) doesn't believe a bit of this book. When I was finishing it, he asked "So does he meet Jesus, too?" Here's a list of people Rob met at some point in his life:


John Belushi

Jim Belushi

Robert Wagner

Prince Rainier

Charlie Sheen

Emilio Estevez

Martin Sheen

James Cameron

Jodie Foster

Demi Moore

Patrick Swayze

Leif Garret

Janet Jackson

And many more I can't even remember.


He also dated Princess Stephanie of Monaco.


All while being an alcoholic.


Soooo.....maybe none of this really happened and it's just the delusions of a drunken mind. LOL Maybe my husband has reason to be skeptical.


I loved this book. It had some type-o's that frustrated me, since you'd think this book would have been checked pretty thoroughly. Can't blame Lowe for it, though. He did a great job telling us all his unbelievable exploits.


The fact he's gorgeous helps, too.