If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor - Bruce Campbell

I officially discovered Bruce Campbell when I watched Bubba Ho-Tep. Up to that point, I had only seem bits and pieces of Army of Darkness. Not a lot, but enough to get this joke:


And then I bought this book.....


My husband read it first, some time last year, and spoiled a few things for me. Like the fact I had apparently already been a Bruce Campbell fan growing up since he was on Hercules as the King of Thieves. I felt really dumb. (Dumb blonde moment #1)


Fun fact: Bruce directed the Hercules series finale.


Fun fact: I'm a bad Bruce fan since I haven't ever seen Evil Dead. (But I plan to this weekend, hopefully. Is it on Netflix?)


Years back, in one of my many trips to Target with my husband, we saw the DVD boxset of Brisco County, Jr. For a month or two, I kept pointing at it and saying "That looks like Bruce Campbell!" And finally one day, Bryan just got fed up, turned the box over and read outloud, "Staring Bruce Campbell". (Dumb blonde moment #2)


Fun fact: Bruce is in all 3 of the Raimi "Spider-Man" movies, once as the announcer, then as a doorman, and finally as the French matre de.


Fun fact: Bruce has been friends with Sam Raimi since grade school. (Although, Raimi loves to torture his friends, so I wouldn't want to be his buddy.)


Fun fact: I have no idea where this review is going. It was a funny book, a bit dry, but a good read. I love cheesy movies, B movies and Bruce Campbell, so it worked for me. I'd love to know about his recent work, like My Name is Bruce and Burn Notice. Hopefully, that book will come around eventually.


Until then...