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Day 1: Best Book I read Last Year

Water for Elephants - Sara Gruen

As promised, I will be doing the 30-day reading challenge this November. So, today is day 1: best book I read last year. Water for Elephants was at the top of my list of favs from 2012. I don't usually go for these types of books, the stand-alones without any fantasy aspect. I have a type, if you can't tell from my shelf.


I loved this book. I got it on sale at Half-Price Books, and it sat on my shelf for weeks before I got to it. Boy, was I surprised! It was wonderful! Usually, the popular books everyone loves I tend to hate. But this was so beautiful. The romance, the imagery, the time period. I knew nothing of circus life, but this was as informative as it was whimsical.


Jacob made me feel for him from beginning to end. And the ending to the book brought everything full circle. What an amazing love story.