Less: Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction 2018 - Andrew Sean Greer

It's bad. I stress when work is so busy because I never have a chance to catch my breath. Well, right now it's the opposite. I'm stressing because we aren't  busy, and you need business to keep the doors open. Today, I worked alone from 6am to about 8:40. I filled 5 orders, all for 2 people or less. I did some prep, then i read for a while, then i did more prep, then back to reading. Then my anxiety spurred me to get up and DO something, so I cleaned and degreased a sink, set up the dish pit, and tinkered with organizing things on the prep table. Then back to reading until my boss came in to relieve me. Lord, it was dull. 


Anyway, the book. I can see why everyone liked this. It's witty and well written. I just question Less's decision making. People keep giving him random pills at clubs or recommending drugs that he promptly looks for and takes. Maybe because I'm not in the drug culture and I've had really bad experiences with addiction. Anything but pot upsets me. I lost a cousin to heroin. He was a mule, and a balloon popped in his stomach while he was transporting the stuff across from Tijuana. (No, I swear to God, that is true. I went to his funeral when I was 17.) So drugs being casually accepted and taken without question just....unsettle me.


Other than that, I can completely identify with this man. He's like a Male gay me.