Revolution 19 - Gregg Rosenblum

Going to be honest. I made it farther than I expected. But Chapter 14 did me in. We have 3 kids trying to save their parents from killer robots in "The City". They meet a family of resistance fighters, how convenient. But then they proceed to do everything they are instructed NOT to do, which puts every person in danger. And after the dust settles, one of the City girls is swooning over the idiot boy who started the whole mess, calling him a Rock Star and making goo goo eyes. He nearly got you killed with his stupidity. Every human they meet wants to help them, and the robots that keep frying everyone else only seem to chase them. 


This is an amateur book for low-intelligence readers who don't want to delve into Terminator. It's full of ex machina, plot holes and one-dimensional characters. 


And apparently there's a sequel. Good effing God.