Beyond Reach: The Search for the Titanic - William Hoffman The Night Lives On - Walter Lord The Discovery of the Titanic - Ken Marschall, Rick Archbold, Robert D. Ballard, Walter Lord LIFE Titanic: The Tragedy that Shook the World: One Century Later - The Editors of LIFE

This week marks the 105th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic. While it's Easter weekend, I will be delving into some very old original texts from the 80s my father gave me so I can learn to tell fact from fiction in this massive world tragedy. From Walter Lord to Robert Ballard, I've got the best and brightest here. Over 2200 set sail and only 706 survived. I'm eager to learn what historians and scientists believe truly happened to this beautiful, doomed ship. Once I'm done with these, I may then read The Sinking of the Titan to see the eerie similarities.