Queen of Kings - Maria Dahvana Headley

I love Egyptian mythology, so I'm enjoying this a lot. The romance is breaking my heart. 


In real life, my house is back in order. The dishwasher is fixed, the carpet is reinstalled. The super flu has finally left us. We have paid off some debt with our taxes, ordered a new love seat that's supposed to arrive in a couple of weeks, and we are taking a trip back to Tennessee to see my daddy next week. Pray I don't get sick again. It's been a winter full of illness. I'm so far behind on my reading because I keep getting whatever virus of the week. 


I'm excited to visit home tho. I haven't seen my dad in 2 years. It's expensive to make an 8 hour drive. It requires finding animal sitters and gas money and vacation time. But Jake is on spring break so we're off. It should be a nice bit of relaxing. My dad doesn't have any furniture except his own bed and 2 recliners. Hahaha. Looks like we will be sleeping on air mattresses. 



My books came in!!