A Mother's Reckoning: Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy - Sue Klebold, Andrew Solomon

This book is powerful. Anyone who was ever bullied at school, or especially parents of teens, need to read this and understand brain health issues. I was bullied. I was harassed. And the saddest part? My own mother was one of my biggest Bullies because she didn't understand I was sick. I've had depression as long as I can remember. It turned into an anxiety disorder when I reached adulthood, too. Now I have a candy land of problems all because I was bullied both at school and at home. The only places I ever felt totally safe was work (as a barbecue drive thru girl) and with my boyfriend  (now husband of 12 years). I hid my problems. I didn't talk about them, mostly because who would listen? Every time I cried to my mom about how bad things were this is seriously the response I got: " Are you on your period or something?" Only my husband understands how I was feeling, which is why our marriage is so strong. He saw where I came from, he went to school with me and saw what I dealt with, and he helped me thru it all. 



I wish parents all over would read this book and understand that the brain can get sick, just like the rest of the body. And that when  it's sick, it likes to hide the symptoms. So please, pay attention to your babies.