Artemis Rising - Cheri Lasota

This book was sort of good, sort of bad. Sort of all sorts of weird and all over the place. I didn't dislike it. But I certainly didn't love it. It was an easy read and went quickly, but it was strange. Not like bizarre, but just the combination of the myths being used and how they didn't even have anything to do with one another. The writing was pretty good for a Kindle freebie, so that's a mark in its favor. But I just thought the premise was odd, and the ending was more than a little out there. I don't like when books manufacture a convenient ending just to wrap things up, when the deciding factor hasn't been mentioned once in 300 pages. It just comes out of nowhere, all tada! It takes away from things.


Anyway, it's not a bad book, and I didn't hate it. It just wasn't up my alley.