Redeemed - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast

I'm not reviewing this really. I just have a few things I would like to point out about this series end. Nothing annoys me more than finishing a series but having gaping holes left over.


1. Zoey has a brother and sister. Wth happened to them? Her mother died. Did they stay with the cheating stepdad? It's like they dropped off the planet.


2. Zoey is supposed to lose her true love. But Stark survives. Are we supposed to be led to believe Heath really was her true love? 


3. What ever happened to Sgiach? They were under attack. It's mentioned an ancient vampire was killed. Was it her? 


4. What ever happened with the Vampire High Council? They just washed their hands of Neferet and what? Went about their business while someone is trying to take over the world? What in the world? Weren't they the slightest bit worried?


5. Aphrodite's visions were getting worse and worse. Do they stop after they save the day or are they still getting worse? Because they seriously seemed like they would kill her.


6. What's to stop some other power-hungry idiot from unsealing Neferet? That was the best ending we could get? 


Now I feel better. This stuff was bothering me.