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I'm finally getting some serious trading done. Woohoo. 


It's been a stressful couple of weeks here in Oklahoma. The weather can't decide what to do so I got a nasty cold for a while. And then there is the usual Christmas stress, with gifts and money and who do we visit when. I got everyone handmade gifts, except maybe 2 because they are the hardest people to think of things for. Then my birthday happened, which we did at Cracker Barrel because I am an easy to please redneck. 


For my birthday, I got ornaments for my tree. Cardinals and such. Very rustic.



And then I went and did what I do. I got another animal, with my husband's permission this time. I had been eyeing a gorgeous cockatiel at Petsmart for a month. And I finally decided to bring her home. I named her Winter.


Now I feel bad for buying her because my other tiels are apparently males. And one keeps mating with her. I guess I will have babies soon enough.


All this and then my van's engine light comes one. It takes the dealership 2 days to finally say it was the gas cap that was faulty. And they feel so stupid over how long that took that I am not being charged for the diagnosis. Thank god. 


What a week. I need a bottle of wine and $5k to splurge on myself. Ugh. 


But this book is great! So yay me and my insane anxiety.