Extinction Island - Catt Dahman

Where do I begin?


A yacht of rich, entitled people gets shipwrecked on an island in the Bermuda Triangle. And the island is full of dinosaurs. Not much for originality. More like beating a dead horse with this concept. But, I really wanted to read something with dinosaurs, so I figured why not.


Oh wow.....


The characters were all so stereotyped it was ridiculous. You had the goth chick, the "slut" (I hate slut-shaming, but I have no other way to describe her.), the rich douche bag, a bunch of spoiled rich women, and a crew member that was so upbeat and brave he seemed almost angelic.


None of them were very appealing. The ones I liked seemed to get eaten.


And there there was the transgender fear. I thought my blood would boil when this woman was discussing how her husband cheated on her with a "fake woman". There was a lot more said, but I refuse to lower myself to that level. The wife said she got over it and likes the transgender woman now, but I can't get over the hate she had.


Now, with all that said, this book's biggest issue: editing. NOBODY edited this. Good Lord, I know my own book needs editing, but THIS blows my mind. There were missing quotation marks everywhere. People were talking and you had no idea. You just sort of figure it out because they suddenly are in 1st person. And then you never knew when the speaking ended because, well, MISSING QUOTATION MARKS.


There's also the problem with italics. Thoughts should be in italics. But thoughts should also be in 1st person! But not with this book. Anything close to a thought was in italics. There were huge blocks of text leaning. But they weren't thoughts. They were someone mostly thinking to himself but not in first person. Let me make up an example:


He thought he should get away from these idiots. None of them knew how to write a proper novel.


See? Not right.


The plot was weak, the characters were flat, and lord, it needed editing. I feel like this was written and uploaded all in the same day. I re-read my novel 3 times, spent days editing it and changing things, and it STILL needs work. There is NO WAY this was proofed.