Lost to You - A.L. Jackson

I haven't read anything so cliche in a long, long time. Here's a quick rundown for you:


Rich playboy who can have any woman with a blink of his eye. Who makes panties drop just by walking into a room. Who should have every STD there is, quite honestly.


Sweet, innocent good girl who meets the playboy and falls in love. She's from a hardworking family. She is modest, studies hard and doesn't party. The only plus to her was she wasn't a virgin, which made her a bit more believable.


Playboy meets good girl and changes his ways immediately. Stops whoring around and becomes completely gaga for her sweetness.


It was full of poor grammar on top of the complete lack of creativity. "Purposed" and "gentled" are not verbs. You don't "gentled a soup with a spoon." Weird word placement made some of the story hard to understand. I hard to read parts 3 times to figure out what order the words are supposed to be in. And then there are extra words, which really confuse you.


At least this was short.