Stealing Parker - Miranda Kenneally

So far, I am not impressed at all with this book. Where do I even begin? Parker is a horrible human being. I get she's supposed to be flawed, but she's just awful. In fact, none of the people in this book are likable.


And then there's the God-blaming. LOTS of God-blaming. Things aren't going like Parker wants, so it's all God's fault. He's doing all this to her to punish her. Why doesn't she ever stop to think it's the DEVIL trying to turn her against God? (Sorry, as a Christian, I get so damn tired of seeing God blamed for things that are clearly of the devil.)


There's the homophobia, the terrible snotty teens, and the obligatory creepy, hot new coach. Of course there's a hot new coach. What teen book isn't complete without that teacher/student taboo. FML


This book is sooooo not up to Catching Jordan.