Speed Racer: Mach Go Go Go, Vol. 1 - Tatsuo Yoshida

The edition I'm reading is old, folks. It doesn't even have a standard bar code or ISBN listed anywhere on it. I snagged it at the Metro Library book sale the other day. It was just sitting there, on top of a pile a junk books, like a gift from God. "Here, my nerdy child, I know you love Speed."


I have always watched Speed Racer. Even with it's terrible animation and poor dubbing, I was enchanted. Don't ask me why because I have no idea why.


Maybe it has to do with the fact I love fast cars. Muscle-type fast cars. And the Mach 5 is the epitome of that. I love it so much I even own this metal tin DVD box set:



Then this happened:



And I cried with joy. It was an acid-tripping, eye fuck of awesome. I watched it like my husband does the Marvel movies. lol And to this day, I still sit on the edge of my chair and scream for Speed to win the final race. "GO SPEED GO!"



I am a proud nerd. And this book makes me so happy. Even more so than most books do.