Moon Called - Patricia Briggs

I'm counting this as my challenge first book by an author. I have no idea if this is her first book, but it is the first in a series. So I think that's close enough.


I felt like reading something kinda racey and exotic. For one, to keep my interest. And for two:


This is Lakshmi, my baby corn snake. So it's inspired me to be a little bold. I had a corn snake 10 years ago, shortly after we got married. And I loved that little guy so very much. (He managed to escape his tank, sadly, and we never could find him. Long story. I was only 20. I'm considerably more mature and knowledgeable now.) Since I got a little extra money and my dear friend gave me a spare tank and fancy light he was getting rid of, I finally took the step and bought a new baby. So far, he's the bomb. I named him Lakshmi, after the Hindu goddess of prosperity and wealth, since we could use all that we can get. hahaha


Anyway, despite my son being sick once again (kindergarten is a petri dish) and my own health being a rollercoaster, it's been a good week. And I'm hoping this book is as good as all my friends say. And by friends, I mean people that hate 50 Shades and know real literature.