Going Vintage -

This book was a mess for me. Some parts I hated, some parts I loved. But the thing that pulled it out for me was the ending theme: You don't NEED a man to be happy!


While I found the whole "living in 1962" idea charming, it wasn't well thought out by our heroine, Mallory. (She earns extra points for her name.) She didn't take into account having to use a computer at school or even using her alarm clock to get up.


Most of the story was nice enough, but what always gets me is a book that ends without a lot of things really getting wrapped up. A few non-closures are fine. That's reality. But when someone, like Mallory's mom, does something really stupid and selfish that hurts her kids and her husband, lies about money and then tries to play the victim; and she get nothing but a mild reprimand that barely lasts a page and is quickly forgotten....Well, I take issue. Teens aren't known to forgive so easily. I know I'm 30 and still get angry with things my mom did when I was 15. So the whole glancing-over of a pretty major plot point is what really dropped this down in rating for me. I just hated her mother and was so unhappy with nothing really happening to her.


Besides that, let's be picky: they dressed up as The Jetsons and couldn't even get the maid's name right! It's ROSY not Ruby, dummy.