The Woman Who Wasn't There: The True Story of an Incredible Deception - Robin Gaby Fisher, Angelo J Guglielmo Jr.

How I feel about September 11th:



How I feel about Tania Head and her bowl full of cray-cray:



I watched the documentary the night it aired, and I felt compelled to read the book. The Woman Who Wasn't There was both fascinating and incredibly horrible. To think this woman victimized the 9/11 Survivors all over again and got away with it is so terrible I can't put it into words. And technically, it isn't even a crime.


This book was so well written that if you hadn't seen the documentary or known about the Tania Head scandal, you wouldn't realize she's a fraudulent nut until the end.


Like everyone else in the world, I just want to know why. And here's my answer to you:



How horrible of a person are you to put people through Hell again and then not even feel bad about it? Instead you accuse them of not being real friends? Really? YOU LIED ABOUT BEING IN 9/11!!! You weren't even in the US! And we're the bad guys?


One word: BITCH


The book: AMAZING


Now I'm going to cry for September 11th, again.