China Dolls: A Novel - Lisa See

I haven't read a single book by Lisa See that I disliked. This was just as magical as the others.


The three characters, Helen, Grace and Ruby were vastly different in their backgrounds and behaviors. The only one I liked was Grace, because Helen was so backstabbing and two-faced. Ruby was all about herself and wasn't afraid to degrade her own "best friends" just to get ahead, not to mention she seemed practically heartless.


But the plot was like all her other books, more of a life-long tale about everyone dealing with their secrets and hurts. And the fact not everything gets tied up nicely was a very realistic touch, since in reality not every question gets an answer or situation gets resolution. The only thing I took issue with was the exposition of all the truths there at the end. I would have murdered someone, not taken pity on them. But I'm not a very forgiving person. It's a fault of mine I work on.


The constant inequality of America's past hurts me to read about, but every country has a part in it's history that it isn't proud of.


All in all, I couldn't put this down. Another ace in the hole, See.