This whole thing frightens me. I've had a few angry messages sent to me from authors pissed off over my negative reviews. But I certainly never expect one to drive to my house, call me and threaten me.


The fact she seems to not get how very wrong she was is boggling. Even if Blythe slammed your book wrongly, YOU FUCKING STALKED HER! THAT'S A CRIME!


And because of all this, Blythe has shut her Goodreads account down to only friends seeing her stuff. So I'm no longer allowed to read her reviews and see her updates like I used to. And I certainly wouldn't blame her for rejecting my friend request, since I am an author and she's been stalked by one of my kind. I feel so bad for her. And I hope she knows we're not all like that.


Authors: How many times do I have to tell you, not everyone will like your damn book!