Fifteen and WHAT!? (Thirty Lifetimes Under Thirty 1) - Elizabeth NcNew

Is this supposed to be a parody or something? Because it reads like one.


I forgot my Kindle at home, so while at the pharmacy today I just pulled up my Kindle app to see what all I had. This was a freebie, and I thought it would be a nice break from GoT. Boy, was I wrong.


This book is terrible on so many levels.


For starters, the writing. There are TWO, count them, TWO, prologues. And neither make any sense. The timeline is so hard to follow. Even when the book itself begins, it's hard to tell what's happening because of random flashbacks. And there are numerous type-o's and formatting errors galore.


Next, the story itself. Have you ever seen Fifteen and Pregnant? Ya know, with Kirsten Dunst before she was famous? Yeah, that's this book. There's nothing original about it. Elizabeth is just plain unlikeable. She "doesn't want to be in the Young Parenting Program with a bunch of losers" but a few pages later says everyone has a story and she doesn't judge people. Talk about a bitch. Especially considering she's one of those "pregnant teen losers" she's so hard on. And she planned the baby, too, so she's a bonehead on top of being a snob.


Kill me now. At least it's a fast read.