Have A Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks - 'Mick Foley',  'Mankind',  'WWF'

I'm finally rollin' on this one! Got the house crap situated so I can stop stressing.


Anyway, we're to the point where we get a nice, graphic view of why WCW tanked not long after this was published. Turner, Biashoff and Rick Flair are, by far, the biggest idiots I've ever seen when it comes to wrestling smarts. Think about it: they let Steve Austin




Mick Foley


walk because they "didn't see them as star material". Dafuq? Are you braindead? Austin 3:16 is the number 1 selling wrestling catchphrase of all time! Do you know how many of those shirts I owned?! FOUR! And Mick Foley has gone on to dominate the WWF/WWE for over a decade!


But I digress. WCW tanked, and that's history.


I have so much mad respect for Mick. He truly did invent the Hardcore Wrestling genre. He ain't fake in any way, folks. Just ask his doctor about all his injuries.


Plus I think he's adorable as Hell. I mean, look at him!