If you haven't noticed, I dropped off the map for over a month. I started out intending to write the sequel to my book, but then got sidetracked with new designs for my Etsy shop. Then I got slammed with orders in May, which is really weird since I sell scarves and gloves. And finally, after that calmed down, I decided to really go bat-shit crazy and buy a house.


Now, I've been married to my lovey-love for 10 years this coming July 30th. We've always been renters, and usually that's fine. But as of late, I have gotten sick to death of my neighbors here on base and their petty drama. Military wives can be so nosy and catty, and since I don't ever associate with them, they like to be catty about me. All that added to white walls and ugly warm-honey cabinets finally drove me insane.


So we looked at a few houses, and our agent sold us on a new build about 20 minutes from base. Granite. Jet tub. The works. Smaller than my base house, but totally custom and away from the drama. Plus there's a homeowner's association, so hopefully, since it's a new neighborhood, I won't have to dodge trash cans or yell at kids for leaving their crap in my yard for days.


Anyway, here's the house thus far.



I even got to pick out the brick. *hysterical giggle* I'm so excited and terrified all at once. The demo house we looked at was so amazing I almost wept. But anyway, that's been my life lately. I wonder what insane hair I'll go off on next year.