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Moms Are Dumb

Or, at least, this asshat says so.


Be warned: I'm about to swear up a storm, so if you're hyper-sensitive, you might wanna go elsewhere.


Jayme K. has been raging for days now about how we are unfairly rating his book. And he has even had the balls to message a few and ask (or in some cases just plain TOLD) them to take down their ratings/reviews. When nobody bent to his will, he resorted to Tweeting about how a "hoard of moms" (and yes, he misspelled that. H-O-R-D-E, idiot) were bashing his book without reading it and that we had no idea the truth behind his work.


So here's my 2 cents, AS A MOM.


When I birthed my son almost 5 years ago, I, in no way, LOST MY FUCKING SENSES. Having a baby did NOT make me a suddenly illiterate dumbass with a fucking grudge against random authors! I am still, with a son in tow, a college-educated, self-employed woman who runs two small businesses while dealing with my husband's constant deployments and a hyperactive preschooler. BEING A MOM DOESN'T MEAN I'M STUPID, and I am beyond fucking offended that, since it's mainly women 1-starring his book, he calls us all "moms" in a derogatory way. Like popping out a kid makes us worthless idiots. FUCK YOU! You have a mother, you asshole, and I doubt you'd speak to her that way! Being a mother doesn't make us stupid, it makes us MOMS!


Oh, and he keeps deleting his angry blog rants, but I, among others, have screencaps to prove all this shit. Like him buying 5-stars, mommy-shaming and even calling a friend who's trans an, (and I fucking kid you not) IT.


You, Jayme K., are what gives indie authors like me, a bad name. It's why I can't get some people to read my books. They think all indies are like YOU! Because you BBAs seem to be the loudest, rudest of the ignorant masses. I hope you see this. Because you're doing yourself no favors in acting like fuck-up. You said you weren't a misogynist, but clearly YOU ARE. Maybe you need to look that word up if you think it doesn't apply to you, because I can say no real man would ever make such offensive blanket statements about womanhood.


Now I need a glass of wine and a damn vacation. Oh, and Jayme, I screencapped your little "buying ratings" blog and emailed it to Goodreads. Good luck explaining yourself to them, bucko.