With the shit-storms authors are stirring up about reviewers being bullies, and reviewers having to constantly brace themselves for the worst, I sometimes regret every jumping into the reviewer pool.


I miss the days where I just picked up a book and read it and enjoyed it, put it down and moved on. In fact, I was a member of Goodreads for several months before I even accepted a friend request. I just wanted to read and relax. Now, I find myself stressing over every single word I write. I walk in 2 worlds, the world of an honest (not bullying) reviewer and an honest, friendly author. And that makes it where I can't win.


If I write a nasty review because a book is truly garbage, I'm labeled a bully and a BBA.


Ugh. What is wrong with this world? The digital age has really ruined humanity. Now we can go around saying things online we'd never say out loud. And everyone gets butt hurt. And now we have Anne Rice demanding REAL names on Amazon. Because that solves the problem. *snort*


Yeah, let's give out names so that STGRB can get another huge list of people to call, threaten and totally terrify.


Sorry folks. It's early and I'm cranky, and this RedBull hasn't kicked in yet.