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Life Through The Migraine Filter

So, Saturday had promise. My son went to his gradma's for the night, we had tickets to see I, Frankenstein in the balcony (which means dinner along with the movie. Sooooo awesome.) It was so quiet and relaxing Saturday until about an hour before we were leaving for the movie. It started with a sudden feeling of nausea. It never starts with a headache for me. It's a sense of wanting to throw up. I crawled into bed, half dressed for date night with my dear hubby, and proceeded to go downhill. The movie was at 6:10, and at 5 I was crying about how I was dying. So my husband, being the wonderful man he is, went to the theater, exchanged the tickets for a noon showing Sunday, brought me some saltines and laid in bed with me while I watched Duck Dynasty reruns and continued to cry and moan and dry heave. Some date night, huh?


Then yesterday I wake up feeling a little better, but not much. I have to drive to the movies or else I'll blow. I enjoyed the movie, managed to eat my lunch without throwing it back up, and limped out of the theater 2 hours later looking like a seriously ill old woman with my knit hat and slumped walk. I came straight home, popped a heavy-duty pain pill and passed out to my "girlfriend" Bernice on South Beach Tow beating up some jerk.


It isn't often our son is away, and of course, the migraine just waited in the shadows to spring on me. Ugh. As for today, I'm dizzy and my eyes ache. I have what I call a migraine hangover, where I feel like crap but can somehow semi-function despite how my eyes feel like all the blood vessels have ruptured. I even rescheduled work today, which never happens. I'll be so glad when my Bryan gets off work so I can go back to bed for a while. This mess sucks.


Needless to say, I got no reading done really. No knitting, no crochet, no nothing. I feel useless. Bleh.


(This is totally the inside of my head.)