*laughs* Dude thinks I will reconsider reading his crappy book after he bitched out my friend. Nah. I've read a few quotes from this atrocious "novel" and dude, you need to take writing classes.


Authors like myself need to learn to carry themselves with professionalism. Don't they get that acting an ass will effect their careers? I never comment on my reviews but I am always up for discussion with reviewers (as lots of you know. I'm a chatterbox.)


So, I'm sure this ass doesn't know that his rude, almost threatening behavior is why I won't bother with his work. Like I said, professionalism! We're indie authors! Our careers depend on a reader's ability to compliment or complain about our work openly without us getting butthurt and turning homicidal on them.


Well, anyway, enough ranting. Back to knitting a new cozy for my Kindle. Carry on.