Socks - Beverly Cleary, Tracy Dockray

This is the first real novel I ever read. I was in 5th grade, and I was required to read a lot of books. We had an "Accelerated Reading" program, where all books were marked with a reading level and points value. After we read the book, we had to sit down and take a short test about the book to prove we'd read it. I was new to the school, didn't know a lot of books for people my age, and just stumbled upon this book by accident. It had a cat on the cover. Even at age 10, I was a crazy cat lady. LOL


But anyway, I loved this book. It was awesome. I wished Cleary wrote more like this, since I wasn't in to the Ramona books. I've always leaned towards animal stories. But this book was a gateway book for me. I started scouring the library for all kinds of books, eventually allowing my AR points to outgrow everyone else. When I was in eighth grade, I had the second highest points value in the school. (I know! how did anyone beat me?!)


But I digress. I don't remember a lot about this story except that it was from the cat's perspective without being a FP view. It was the biggest book I had ever picked up to that point, so I was very proud of myself to finishing it. I accidentally left it in my step-sister's Jeep and freaked out because I wanted it back so I could keep reading it.


I might go find a copy of it now just to feel nostalgic.