Mockingjay - Collins Suzanne

This was an easy one to pick. I ate up the first 2 books, and then Mockingjay just sucked. It was a whole lot of nothing, in my opinion. There's a war going on, and all Katniss ever does is pretty much sit on the sidelines and shoot out windows. And before the war even gets going, all she wants to do is not follow orders and then wonder why nobody would let her participate. And they go rescue Peeta, but all they do is tell us they rescued him. I wanted some sort of heroic scene, but nope. It was a lot of cop-outs and telling, not showing. Katniss ending up with Peeta made me happy enough, since I'm Team Peeta. But the whole war from the sidelines thing kind of sucked. My husband told me it was supposed to be like that, since she was a figurehead and not an actual soldier. And I get that. But Katniss doesn't strike be as someone that would let herself me stuck on the bench all day.