Long time, no chat right? Sorry I've been MIA. Things this holiday season were pretty shitty on a lot of levels and I just didn't feel like speaking to anybody much.


So what all happened?


1. My inlaws forgot my 35th birthday until we reminded them 2 weeks later.


2. My Christmas stockings were all ruined when I pulled them out to hang up. A candle had melted all over them.


3. Work has been really up and down so I'm either sitting on mill crates reading or working my ass off without a moment to breathe.


4. Joined the Reddit Secret Santa. I was paired up with someone who never answered any of my messages and had a blank profile until well after I ordered him something. (A gift box sampler of snack foods and candy which everyone agreed was neat). He called it unoriginal, lazy, low effort and generic. (Fuck you. I spent hours trying to figure out what to send someone who literally gave me NO help.) And then the person who sent to me literally gave zero fucks and sent me bookmarks that cost a whopping $4 on amazon. When the spending recommendations was $20.  That put me in a terrible mood. I'm probably not doing that shit again next year. The world is full of ungrateful people.


5. My son is 10 going on 17 and has learned to roll his eyes at me. You can imagine how well I handle that.


6. We are going to Disney in March and all my anxiety is going into overdrive. We have to have money for that trip and I'm freaking out.


7. Today i was supposed to see a neurologist because I'm out of migraine shots. They never called to confirm my appointment. So before I drive 45 minutes into downtown I called them. After calling 2 different numbers I find the right one only to learn my doctor LEFT THE PRACTICE back in November. And they "show" i was called, informed and noted the changes. Uh, no. I even double checked my call log. They said Nov 27th was the day they called. Honey, that's the day before Thanksgiving. Y'all ain't in the office. So now I'm pissed. I have proof on my phone I never got the call and now I have no fucking neurologist to see. If they had actually called me when they claim they did I could have made arrangements. They give me the doctor's new number. Nobody answers so I leave a message. I end up calling my PCM and set up a time to come in and start a whole new referral. Then the neurologist office calls back, says yeah they really "screwed the pooch" by overlooking me but they don't even take my insurance now. So I'm still back to square one, with nothing between me and my crippling migraines but cannabis. Here's to praying I don't trigger one before I find a doctor.


8. Also, not as huge but still: I worked 8 months on a cross stitch, was only 1/4 of the way thru. And a cat pissed on it and the pattern so I had to throw it away. I was livid. 


It's just been a really hectic time. But I'm working to turn it all around. Here's to hoping 2020 is better? Maybe? sees a Tweet from President Bone Spurs Ah, fuck we are all gonna die.