Hope Never Dies - Andrew Shaffer

I don't like to bitch about my problems unless it's healthcare related. But I am having one awful night. Husband is out of the country, son's taekwondo dojong had the water off and I needed the bathroom, and now I have 3 cats peeing wherever they please. One peed on my electric blanket right in front of me. Another peed on the dog's blanket so much I had to throw it out. The last is peeing on the floor in front of the litter box. I'm dying. All I wanted to do today was read my book in the bathtub before bed and now I'm having to go scrub the floors and run laundry. FML


Sorry but sometimes you just gotta blow off some steam. I'm glad I get to spend Thanksgiving alone. My son will be with the inlaws so I get to eat a chicken alfredo bake by myself while binging Wilkos and then playing Spyro Reignited. That's my idea of a holiday. 


Edit: I'm also sorry. I just realized a lot of you I talk to on here I wasn't following. So im working to fix this.