Just a reminder to vote on Tuesday! 


I live in Oklahoma. We are 49th in education and 49th in poverty levels. I'm a registered libertarian, which means I had very little say in the primaries. I could only pick a Democrat and the Libertarian candidate. (One of the libs is a guy named JoeExotic, owns a tiger sanctuary and is under investigation for taking a hit out on his wife. I shit you not.) Anyway, our two main candidates for governor are Edmondson and Stitt. 


Drew Edmondson is our Democrat. He's who I'm voting for because he is going to NOT veto the teacher pay raise. And he says he will start taxing all the oil companies. 


Now, Kevin Stitt is the Republican. Here's all you need to know: he is an antivaxxer that said he would veto the teacher pay raise and also thinks out current governor is "great" (she is the most hated in the country). He lost my vote the second he said his kids weren't vaccinated and we should all really look into vaccines. 


And I see people with giant support signs for that guy. Like, are you insane? 


Anyway, my state has been run into the ground under Mary Fallin, and I'm so sick of it. She didn't even want to give the teachers their pay increase and accused them of "being like spoiled teenagers that got a new car and still aren't happy". And Stitt likes her. 


This is my obligatory political post. I'm voting blue because this state is nearly bankrupt thanks to big oil tax breaks, and my son's school is in poor shape. Whether you agree with me politically, please vote. 


(Thanksgiving is going to be awkward. I'm surrounded by diehard right wing Trumpers.)