Welcome, lovelies, to the Stranded! Book Swap. 

Why "stranded"? Because you're now officially stranded on a desert island. (Or it can be a rich, cold evergreen island, if that's your thing.) You don't know how you ended up here, but you are alone. With one thing: a box! A box someone magically prepared for you so your stay on this lonely island won't be so boring. It's full of so many goodies! Just you wait and see!

So here's how this goes. Grim and I have a list of things we think your box needs. You complete the list, pop the swap in the mail, and then, just like I said, YOUR box will appear soon enough. The things this swap box needs are as follows:

1. If you were stranded, you could only read one genre or author. Pick a book from that category. (Or 2 or 3. It's a long stay on this island, after all.)

2. A travel item. Something handy, like a toothbrush. Morning breath after living on coconuts is awful. Or a flashlight. To read by at night, of course!

3. A survival item. I always think Swiss Army knife, but there are lots of other things. Waterproof matches. Warm mittens. Or go the book-nerd survival route and include a book light, or bookmarks or little post-it's to mark lines you want to remember. This item can really be up to interpretation. 

4. If you're stranded, you're only allowed one food. Your magical benefactor included something for you that they know you can't live without. My favorite is potatoes. They're the greatest thing ever. What would yours be?

5. A note to your partner to let them know why you chose what you did. If you want to, make up a scenario of how they ended up stranded!

That's it! Anything else is just a bonus.

The budget is our usual $20. Used books are fine. We encourage people to not stress their finances over this. It's coming up on the holidays, and we understand people can be really strapped.

Sign-ups are November 1st thru the 14th. Partner info will be emailed out November 15th. Boxes need to be mailed by December 10th. That's an extra-long time because, again, the holidays. Just DM me or Grim with your tracking. If you need an extension, as always, just say so. :)


We look forward to seeing how all of you fair on your island getaway! I know I could use a vacation. Have fun! Be creative! And thanks for entering!