We have owned our house for 4 years now. When we bought it I was very into reds and autumn colors. Red symbolized fertility and prosperity. A red front door meant good tidings. So of course I wanted my home to bring all those things. 


But now I am in a different place in my life. I was tired of the barn red. It was always hard to find decorations I liked that matched it, and it looked just a tad odd against my gray brick. I didn't want too bright a red because someone around the corner did that with the same color brick we have and it looks ridiculous. I decided well, let's just go a completely different direction. Black shudders. Maybe a black door. After I painted the shudders a color called cracked pepper, I thought it was too dark for the door. My door is set too far back and gets really shadowy. A black door would look foreboding. And I didn't like how the black looked with the red door, either. I polled my friends. One pointed out my cockatoo pillows and said to color match the blue. Well, what a novel idea!


Blue symbolizes tranquility and peace. A very welcoming color. I went to my neighborhood Ace and prowled their color swatches. Found a great blue that matched the pillows perfectly. Purple paradise or something. It's almost a bluish periwinkle. 


I'm really picky with my house's appearance because we were married 10 years before we could afford one, and by the grace of God we were able to have a house built brand new. It isn't big or fancy, but it is mine. I take great pride in the flower beds and the lawn decor. I make all my own wreaths for the front door. I love my home. My husband says I change things too often but why always leave things the same? People are always changing, so our homes should reflect us. 


I absolutely love how the blue came out. It reminds me of Memphis Tigers, my college mascot. Always show Tiger pride! Even in Oklahoma Sooner/Cowboy territory. Who knows what I may do next. I will be moving the bird feeder, definitely, because the dropped seeds were a nightmare in my flower beds. But really, I love this. Thoughts?


P.S. the top photo is about 3 years old.