North of Beautiful - Justina Chen

Her dad is fat-shaming her mom. Full-blown, hardcore name calling. Even bringing up other not-fat women, which is a true mark of asshole-ness. Now, as a heavy girl with weight issues- I go by CHUBBYgirlreads for a reason- I would break this man's face. Hold on tight because here comes a rant, folks.


I get really fucking tired of hearing "obesity is choice" or "just lose weight". One, no it isn't a choice. A lot of us have health problems. Me, for example. I could not even walk for almost 6 months. And two, skinny doesn't equal healthy. My daddy is rail thin and had a heart attack so bad he almost died when he was 55. Plus, there's being a woman to factor in which makes weight loss 10x harder. Our bodies are designed to retain weight for childbearing and feeding. But fat-shaming gym rats don't care about science. They care only.about what "worked" for them. And don't even get me started on the gym rats that day Shame AT THE GYM. A heavy person can't win in that scenario. 


But anyway, back to the book. Her dad is a raging motherfucker.



Yeah, he deserves this word. That's how bad he is.