I'm just going to start using dates to tell these posts apart. 


Anyway, I haven't said much lately because my hubby got back from over seas, there was Father's Day, I'm still having stomach problems, and I'm not sleeping much. Just a lot of little things adding up. 


But here's what all had happened:



Bryan had been wanting a nice grill for years, so while he was away overseas, I had one delivered and I assembled it. He cooked for us on Father's Day. That thing was a beast to wrangle out of the box but I managed. He's so happy to have a nice grill instead of cheap charcoal one that keeps rusting out.



Danny always appreciates good food. 



I finally completed my first bullet journal. It was started 2 years ago. Look how fat it is. It won't close. I'm going to have to tie it shut before it goes into my cedar chest.



Hubs got me this awesome book in Germany. I only have a vague idea what it says but I wanted a book in a foreign language and he delivered.



We did the floors not long ago, but we didn't have the money to get the transitions. So we had to leave a naked concrete gap. It was tacky but the transitions were $30 per 72 inch section. That's a lot of money.



But we finished it Sunday night! And isn't it great? My husband can math! I would have never been able to cut those angles.


I have a long-time friend coming into town in 2 weeks so we're knocking things off our to do list before she gets here. The flooring was the major task. But I also got new curtains: 



I saw them and they matched my living room perfectly. The old ones blended into the wall too much.


I've so ordered new dishes. And I got a steam mop that cut through the crud on my floor better than my old Swiffer. I finished painting the trim today. I have a running list of tasks on my phone to accomplish before July 14th. Mostly organizing, deep cleaning and yard work. I haven't seen this person since she was stationed in Florida back in 2013. She left a few days after I bought my van, I specifically remember this. She was my next door neighbor when we lived in our base duplex. She was and is one of my very best friends. I want my house to be perfect. Having animals also makes me worry about smell. But since we got rid of most of our carpet it isn't such an issue. 



For now let's just enjoy my accidental sunflowers. All because birdseed got dropped in my yard by my porch. 


Wish me luck. In the morning I see my dentist for my TMJ and a couple of cavities. I hate the dentist. Not my dentist. But just going to one in general. Mine is awesome. I have just had horrible experiences in the past so now I get really anxious when i have to go.