Tears of the Silenced: A true crime and an American tragedy; severe child abuse and leaving the Amish - Misty Elaine Griffin

"...I do not understand why we must constantly reprimand you, and why you cannot simply obey the rules and live quietly like the other girls."


Because they are all being molested and she's fucking tired of it?


"You do realize that if you were to practice any other religion, you would go to hell...that all these questions you have are from the devil, right?"


She simply asked why they are forced to dress a certain way when nowhere in the Bible does it dictate it, but their church says it does. And, no, that isn't how it works. Questions aren't from the devil. Questioning things are good and encourage free thought. Just following whatever you're taught because that's the way things have always been is mentally and intellectually stifling. Nothing would ever advance.