What did you do this week? We finished flooring our house. At least the main area. It runs from the main hall, into the living room, the hall closet and pantry and all through our master bedroom. It's hell on your hands since it's vinyl and you use box cutters to work it. But for an animal-loving house on a budget, floating vinyl is perfect. Waterproof, durable, easy to install. Can't beat it.



We had to yank up our nasty, cat-pee carpet, scrape up any plaster that the builders just covered, and vacuum a million times. Then remove the baseboards. Vacuum again. Lather, rinse, repeat. (Special cameo by the hubs.)



Then we undercut the fireplace with an angle grinder. So many sparks and so much dust. More vacuuming. But then we were able to start laying the planks.



Knee pads are a must. We learned that the hard way last time.



Flooring is finished. You can see a gap between the vinyl and the tile where transitions will go when we get the money. Lord, they are expensive. And we need at least 3, maybe 4. But anyways, floorboards are also put back and painted. Caulk is done. I am apparently out of our wall paint so..... yeah. Didn't realize that 5 gallon bucket in the garage is trim color. Damn. For now we are going to have to live with caulk walls. Payday is soon.



Home sweet home. Minus the cat-pee carpet. Everything feels so much more open now.