Ghosts - Raina Telgemeier, Raina Telgemeier

I am having a reading slump. I've had a migraine since the 12th. Yes, that is how long they hang around. I had one that lasted more than 30 days. And when I get this sick I just cannot read. I even tried an audiobook of Envy but eh. It is just not what I want right now. So I decided maybe this would perk me up until I can actually afford Shattered Grid. Finances didn't work out. Yep. Adulting is hard. Gotta pay for mulch and weed killer and all those fun things. I loved Drama by this author, and this story involves cystic fibrosis, which anyone who read my first book knows is a cause that I always fight for. 


Did anyone catch Scoobynatural?



Go watch it. It's on the CW app, and you don't have to really know anything about the Supernatural world to get a kick out of it.


I also watched the first season of Voltron today. I had no idea it was on season 5 already. Lord, watching that brought back memories. It used to come on right after SWAT Kats, and I remember the dub had a really bad Swedish accent. Anyway, I loved this new series. The CG lions were so gorgeous. But I think mostly I'm jealous they have a healing chamber. Wonder if it works on migraines....