How has your weekend been? Mine was sleepy and calm. Pizza, burgers, reading, working a jigsaw puzzle. Nothing exciting. Just how I wanted it. I was tired from this week. I'm in pain pill withdrawal so I don't like leaving the house. My stomach isn't predictable and I'm one giant fever ache. I've gone from 3 Percocets a day to HALF a pill. Go me! But I'm living with sweat-shivers. It is miserable when they hit.



This is my current situation. Fluff and Bucky Barnes are holding me down while I catch up on Homicide Hunter. For bonus points, name the pops on the wall. Lol. That will take ages. I have almost 200.



This is how I spent my Sunday. I bought that special puzzle board just to work this puzzle. The board has drawers to store pieces. 



I just wanted to show a sneak peak of two amazing art books I snagged. This Dark Crystal History is incredible from what I saw just flipping through. And then there's the My Little Pony Movie Art book that has so much behind the scenes information! I will post more pics and details when I sit down and read these in depth.



Anyway that's my weekend.