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What's new, chubbycat?

It was a busy weekend. Like whoa. We spent the entire week getting our finances in order so that Saturday could be spent buying a car. We brought home this:



A 2014 Honda Accord EXL. Moonroof, heated leather seats, blue tooth, dual 5 inch screens, hands free calling, power everything, keyless start. Way nicer than my Red Ranger. And I am so happy for my husband. He hasn't ever owned anything so nice. He deserves this.



Haggling still sucks tho. I hate buying cars.


Then we went to Half Price Books where I got 4 new books and a jigsaw puzzle of a unicorn. Woo.




Here's for the Danny fans. He's doing well. He was in heat most of November and late October which made him unbearable. But he finally came out of it, and he's back to himself.


Anyway, this has been my weekend. Hopefully now we can get back to our regular lives.